Livestax Theme

Resources for creating beautiful Livestax apps

Latest version 0.2.5


The Livestax Theme is an extension of the Bootstrap CSS framework. Our extensions add a variety of reusable UI components and styles to help Livestax App developers quickly build consistent apps.

getting started

The Theme can be added to your App by including the following <link> tag in your App's source code:

<link href="" rel="stylesheet">

Or you can download our app template HTML which includes the neccessary markup to get started.

Note: A Bootstrap CSS include is not required, as the Theme handles this dependency for you.

We provide some global CSS settings, fundamental HTML elements styled and enhanced with extensible classes. See the Styles section for more detail of typography, buttons, tables and forms.

We provide a wealth of resuable components that play nicely together for simplifying the app building process. Navigation, media badges, lists, panels and inline form items just to name a few of the most common UI components. You can read more and see examples in the Components section.

A few examples of building on top of the basic components to provide rich user experiences can be found in the Examples section.

browser support

Lowest versions currently supported

IE Edge Firefox Chrome Safari iOS Android Opera Opera Mini Chrome for Android
11* 13 45 49 9.1 8.4** 4.4 37 8 50

*The application relies on flexbox. Flexbox does not work in IE9 and below, or Android 4.3 and below. There are several known issues with IE10 & IE11

**iOS Safari 8.4 works with -webkit- prefix for flexbox.